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My Windows XP professional workstation.

A dell Latitude, P4 1800, 512MB Ram, 30GB HDD, 1400×1040 display.

I'm using Deltacopy to back it up frequently to my NSLU2


  1. Maybe add an 'usb-id read and then run a program with some parameters'-tool.
    • Whoo, could WMI be my friend in this?

Ubuntu Linux

I've installed Ubuntu Linux on a spare harddrive in this box, works quite nice! Firefox, Thunderbird.

Using InnoTek VirtualBox for hardware virtualization and Microsoft Windows XP.

Annoying bug that caused the keyboard to respond 'weird' under load, fix for now is to killall gnome-power-manager.

Installing Bluetooth, gnome-bluetooth? Bluetooth howto

Installed Dutch tax support software, there is a native Linux version!

Wifi just works™

WMV (and other nonstandard formats) playing through ubuntuguide.

Installed ip forwarding to provide network for another machine using: this howto.

Had a bug where Xorg crashed when closing the lid of my laptop. Solved by upgrading to 7.04.

  1. Azureus is a memory hog but it works for my torrent needs… Need to find a replacement like uTorrent for Windows!
  2. Ktorrent is doing it, it's Kde and not Gnome but even with that overhead it's small compared to Azureus.
Sync phone, contacts etc...
  1. Multisync shows promises! I like it already and it doesn't even work yet!

Windows Wireless

Using Intel wireless drives, not the Dell ones.


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