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 +The required steps to create your own little putty heaven especially for multiple hosts.
 +Download [[http://​the.earth.li/​~sgtatham/​putty/​latest/​x86/​putty.exe|PuTTY]] (you probably already have that), [[http://​the.earth.li/​~sgtatham/​putty/​latest/​x86/​pageant.exe|Pageant]] (the tool we are going to use) and [[http://​the.earth.li/​~sgtatham/​putty/​latest/​x86/​puttygen.exe|PuTTYgen]] (to create or convert your keys).
 +I'm assuming that you don't have any keys yet.
 +To create keys follow the steps in [[http://​the.earth.li/​~sgtatham/​putty/​0.60/​htmldoc/​Chapter8.html#​pubkey-puttygen|the brilliant PuTTY manual]].
 +A nice solution for users who select their putty host by hand is: 
 +  C:​\putty\pageant.exe "​C:​\PATHTOYOURKEY.ppk"​ -c C:​\putty\putty.exe
 +THE thing that really makes this nice is a couple of shortcuts to your favorite hosts where the command looks like this:
 +  C:​\putty\pageant.exe "​C:​\PATHTOYOURKEY.ppk"​ -c C:​\putty\putty.exe -load PROFILENAME

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