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-My Windows XP professional workstation. 
-A dell Latitude, P4 1800, 512MB Ram, 30GB HDD, 1400x1040 display. 
-I'm using [[http://​​AboutMyXApp/​DeltaCopy.jsp|Deltacopy]] to back it up frequently to my [[NSLU2]] 
-  - Maybe add an '​usb-id read and then run a program with some parameters'​-tool. 
-    * Whoo, could WMI be my friend in this? 
-====== Ubuntu Linux ====== 
-I've installed Ubuntu Linux on a spare harddrive in this box, works quite nice! 
-Firefox, Thunderbird. 
-Using InnoTek VirtualBox for hardware virtualization and Microsoft Windows XP. 
-[[https://​​ubuntu/​+source/​linux-source-2.6.15/​+bug/​39315|Annoying bug]] that caused the keyboard to respond '​weird'​ under load, fix for now is to killall gnome-power-manager. 
-Installing Bluetooth, gnome-bluetooth?​ 
-Installed Dutch tax support software, there is a native Linux version! 
-Wifi just works(tm) 
-WMV (and other nonstandard formats) playing through [[http://​​wiki/​Ubuntu_Edgy|ubuntuguide]]. 
-Installed ip forwarding to provide network for another machine using: [[http://​​nat_iptables|this howto]]. 
-Had a [[https://​​ubuntu/​edgy/​+source/​xorg-server/​+bug/​61746|bug]] where Xorg crashed when closing the lid of my laptop. Solved by upgrading to 7.04. 
-== Torrents == 
-  - Azureus is a memory hog but it works for my torrent needs... Need to find a replacement like uTorrent for Windows! 
-  - Ktorrent is doing it, it's Kde and not Gnome but even with that overhead it's small compared to Azureus. 
-== Sync phone, contacts etc... == 
-  - Multisync shows promises! I like it already and it doesn'​t even work yet! 
-====== Windows Wireless ====== 
-Using [[http://​​support/​wireless/​wlan/​sb/​cs-010623.htm|Intel]] wireless drives, not the Dell ones. 

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