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Tool by: Herman Kopinga (mail)
Unfortunately Flickr changed something and this tool is not functioning as it should :(
Some licenses are not displayed correctly.
Suggestions on how to fix this? Please drop me a line.
The source is on GitHub and uses the (outdated) phpFlickr library.

Imageid or URL:
Creative Commons attribution generator for Flickr images.

Why? Because it takes about 20 clicks, a bit of waiting time and 3 times copy-paste to create a correct attribution using Flickr's interface. This is frustrating work when you have a complete presentation with 20+ images that need to be correctly annotated. Using this tool the attribution hassle is reduced so attribution and using content with a free(-er) licence is reduced.

Finding Creative Common licenced work is easy using Flickr's advanced search.

Paste the ID or full URL of a Flickr image and when a Creative Commons license is attached to the image the attribution will be generated. For example try: 3019886055.

After several source code requests I shared this project on GitHub. If you use it I'd like it if you drop a line.